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Be Still & Chill

The place to just BE YOURSELF

Welcome to Be Still & Chill - a very special health and wellness centre on Sydney's Northern Beaches.  Our mission is to create a sustainable, nurturing environment where you can relax, strengthen, heal & support your wellbeing.

Come and enjoy our beautiful community.

Thank you!

We want to say a huge thank you to this beautiful community!  

We’ve been nominated for the Northern Beaches Business awards for Best Health Improvement Service for the 3rd year in a row – by you.

Thank you for being such beautiful clients. We really appreciate your business.

Experience community and connection with one of our special events or workshops.  Click the button below for a description of each of our workshops.

We have lots of different classes to help you strengthen your body, de-stress and chill out.  Click the button to find out more about each of our classes.

Slow down, de-stress and pamper yourself with one of the many treatments from our wonderful team.  Click the button below to see all the treatments we have available.

Guidance is second to none.

At Be Still & Chill, Michelle’s personalised instruction and guidance is second to none. She focuses on your specific needs whether they be injury rehabilitation, improving strength, flexibility & fitness, or just general well being.

G. Emerson

Awesome place for a massage.

So kind and awesome place for a massage. Highly recommended.


Lush space

Lush space and vibe xx

Elissa's massage technique is awesome!

Elissa’s massage technique is awesome and, I believe, unique. She is able to loosen and soften all those tight spots at the same time as sending you off into a semi conscious dreamland that can have you floating for hours afterwards. It’s the ideal dessert after a main course of pilates!


Our Centre


We believe in living consciously from a heart centred community.
We believe it’s important to nurture ourselves and live sustainably with more awareness.


This is a short video of the 7 month process of fitting out the new home in Brookvale in 2013 for our health centre. These are but a few small moments capturing only a fraction of love, community, support, hard work and intention that went into the creation of this space.


The dozens of people that offered their blood, sweat, tears and laughter to help us through this journey have laid a foundation for hundreds and more likely thousands at this point to experience the healing and well-being that emanates through the walls of this healing space. We look forward to sharing our community and wellness with many more to come…