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Soul Dance with Genevieve

What is SoulDance?
SoulDance is a fun, soulful and diverse movement class designed for groovers of any experience level! This class is all about shaking, curving and dancing your body in new and wonderful ways! A combination of African and Latin styles blended with conscious movement and freeform dance, this is the perfect way to start your morning on a gentle, nourishing high for your mind body and spirit !

WHAT TO EXPECT: Each class is unique and takes a small journey through different world dance styles and movement traditions. We dance with the seasons, and use inspiration from the elements, the seasons, the moon cycle, and global dance traditions to dance our bodies into a state of harmony and alignment.

STYLES OF DANCE WE COVER: Kizomba, Semba, tarraxinha, afr house (Angola), Samba (Brazil), Salsa and sub genres (Colombia) Afro (Ghana, Senegal) Ballet, contemporary, yoga, body love movement, freeform dance, meditation.

DANCE LEVEL: No experience necessary , suitable for beginners – experienced dancers.
WHAT TO BRING: Water, flat shoe, comfortable dance wear, a scarf for your hips if you like.

Thursday 10-11am – Soul Dance

Casual visit : $25
5 class pass : $110
10 class pass: $220


Deeksha & Meditation with Nicole

Dear friends, we are waiting for you to sit once again in circle, receiving the benediction of the Great Spirt, the Higher Self, the Divine… being nurtured and blessed. Getting ready to end a cicle and start a completely new journey 🙏

6:30pm Be still and chill – Brookvale
$10 exchange


Contact Improv with Eamonn

It is a structured series of dance classes, and you can expect to learn a comprehensive introduction to the path of Contact Improv through attending.
You’ll learn this form of dance and its physicality, culture and through a complimentary practice of Non Violent Communication (NVC) a grounding in how to discuss it’s emotional aspects as well. I expect this to give you a strong grounding in the form, with skills which would see you able to comfortably practice into the future.
I am very delighted to be offering this work and I look forward to dancing with you x…… Eamonn
Spaces are limited to 15 attendees.
Please bring comfortable clothes to dance in, ideally pants and a long sleeve shirt. It’s best to avoid wearing jewellery as well as it can get in the way of the dance.
Learning Contact Improv is a very personal journey, and so whatever you need to feel comfortable in the space is welcome. So for example stepping out from certain exercises, choosing who you dance with or even simply watching for the whole time is all just fine.


Yin Yoga with Elissa

Get Still, Stretch, Deepen your Breath and Clear your Mind

Yin yoga is a deep and powerful practice that is suitable for everyone, even if you have never tried yoga before.

It can feel uncomfortable and intense and ‘Oh My GOD’. BUT can also feel relieving and relaxing and blissful and Oh so GOOD!

However it feels, one thing is for certain- it WILL release tension deep within your joints. Focusing on hips, lower back and spine, Yin Yoga creates and maintains space, freedom and health within your joints.

WHEN : Monday 7am thru spring and summer class is on Queenscliff beach unless raining, rainy days held at Be Still & Chill.

INVESTMENT: Casual Class $20

10 Class Pack $170

Please contact Elissa on 0405 945 483