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Events and Workshops

Breathwork- Return & reconnect with Lynsey


Lynsey has begun running small events of breathwork sessions since our reopen in June. Please click the booking link below to see the next available session with Lynsey.

A Healing Breath-work Journey designed to allow a return and re-connection with mind, body, soul.

As the bridge between our mind, body and soul, the breath has the amazing ability to connect, unlock and release stored energy. In this beautiful consious healing breath-work session, an activated and connected breath-pattern will be used to intentionally oxygenate and awaken the energy within the body. When this happens, heavy or stuck energy (chi) is able to flow through the body and energetic parts are able return to wholness. This process creates a feeling of alignment and a beautiful experience of “peace” and sensation of “returning home”. It is a very healing practice for mind, body and soul.

Kirtan with Sound Samadhi

** Kirtan , singing and chanting isnt allowed in a group setting with current COVID government restrictions. Sound Samadhi are running online sessions at the moment. Please see their facebook page for the most up to date information.**

Join us for another blissful and healing evening of music, mantra, meditation, community and upliftment.

Sound Samadhi is comprised of a group of bhaktas dedicated to the path of the heart, bhakti yoga – this group includes everyone in our beautiful sangha/community who turns up to participate. Kirtan is the practice of transforming emotion through devotion, channelling our energy effortlessly upwards through mantra and sound, literally raising our vibration.


Kirtan is a sacred spiritual practice for the upliftment of everyone, regardless of caste, creed, worldly status or religious inclination. For this reason, the event is by donation, allowing everyone to contribute in alignment with their own unique circumstances


Sound Samadhi looks forward to sharing another blissful journey together into the Heart of yoga and sound…

WHEN: 6pm-830pm Last Saturday of every month *** Cancelled for face to face sessions due to covid restrictions, see online sessions via their facebook page

INVESTMENT: By donation – Community Class.

Just show up no booking necessary.

Soul Dance with Genevieve

**Once a month sessions