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SoulDance  with Genevieve



Check out this taster workshop and get ready for ongoing classes in 2019!

What is SoulDance?
SoulDance is a fun, soulful and diverse movement class designed for groovers of any experience level! This class is all about shaking, curving and dancing your body in new and wonderful ways! A combination of African and Latin styles blended with conscious movement and freeform dance, this is the perfect way to start your morning on a gentle, nourishing high for your mind body and spirit !

YOUR TEACHER: Genevieve Rogan is the founder of Dancingchange and Souldance. She has been dancing since the age of 3, where she began her training in classical ballet and contemporary dance. Since then Genevieve has danced in the styles of samba, afro and other latin styles across the world and at home in Sydney. Genevieve specialises in Kizomba and ladies Kizomba which she teaches and performs around Australia spreading her healing and unique dance classes with movers all over the country. To find out more visit: www.dancingchange.com

LEVEL: Suitable for beginners – experienced dancers.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Each class is unique and takes a small journey through different world dance styles and movement traditions. We dance with the seasons, and use inspiration from the elements, the seasons, the moon cycle, and global dance traditions to dance our bodies into a state of harmony and alignment.

STYLES OF DANCE WE COVER: Kizomba, Semba, tarraxinha, afr house (Angola), Samba (Brazil), Salsa and sub genres (Colombia) Afro (Ghana, Senegal) Ballet, contemporary, yoga, body love movement, freeform dance, meditation.

DANCE LEVEL: No experience necessary 

WHAT TO BRING: Water, flat shoe, comfortable dance wear, a scarf for your hips if you like.

Thursday 10-11am – SouDance
Thursday 11-12pm- Ladies Kizomba.

TASTER WORKSHOPS PRICE: 6/12/18 only -$20 each class

Casual visit : $25
5 class pass : $110
10 class pass: $220

SPECIAL PRICE FOR TASTER ATTENDESS ( purchase your first pass for 2019 at a discounted rate at the taster class)
5 class pass : $100
10 class pass :$20)



Contact Improv Dance Class with Eamonn

It is a structured series of classes, and you can expect to learn a comprehensive introduction to the path of Contact Improv through attending.

You’ll learn it’s physicality, culture and through a complimentary practice of Non Violent Communication (NVC) a grounding in how to discuss it’s emotional aspects as well. I expect this to give you a strong grounding in the form, with skills which would see you able to comfortably practice into the future.

I am very delighted to be offering this work and I look forward to dancing with you x…… Eamonn

Spaces are limited to 15 attendees.

Please bring comfortable clothes to dance in, ideally pants and a long sleeve shirt. It’s best to avoid wearing jewellery as well as it can get in the way of the dance.

Learning Contact Improv is a very personal journey, and so whatever you need to feel comfortable in the space is welcome. So for example stepping out from certain exercises, choosing who you dance with or even simply watching for the whole time is all just fine.

Ladies Kizomba  with Genevieve



Learn Ladies Kizomba from one of Australia’s leading Kizomba ladies! Genevieve is the founder of Dancingchange and specialises in classes for women.

WHAT IS KIZOMBA? Kizomba is a partner dance from Angola. It has sweet hypnotic rhythms, grounded movement, and beautiful connection with a dance partner. WHAT IS LADIES KIZOMBA? Ladies Kizomba is a solo dance class where women learn the art of Ginga (body movement and attitude) derived from the Kizomba dance style and Ladies style (fusion elements, adornments and choreography). These classes have a heavy focus on isolations, body control , free form dance, musicality, and expression.

FUSION ELEMNTS? Genevieve’s style is heaviliy influenced by lyrical and hip hop dance styles, the blend with the Kizomba base makes for a unique and express class.

WHAT TO EXPECT: A deeply meditative, and at times hypnotising class where you can connect to your body on a deeper level. Take some sacred time out for yourself, dance with a beautiful group of women and celebrate your beautiful self.

WHAT CAN THIS LEAD TO? Once you have tried ladies Kizomba you may be intrugued to try Kizomba in a partnership (the original form). Genevieve teaches every tuesday evening in Paddington and there are a wide range of Kizomba social nights around Sydney to enjoy.

DANCE LEVEL: No experience necessar

WHAT TO BRING: Water, flat shoe, comfortable dance wear, a scarf for your hips if you like.

Thursday 10-11am – SouDance
Thursday 11-12pm- Ladies Kizomba.

TASTER WORKSHOPS PRICE: 6/12/18 only -$20 each class

Casual visit : $25
5 class pass : $110
10 class pass: $220

SPECIAL PRICE FOR TASTER ATTENDESS ( purchase your first pass for 2019 at a discounted rate at the taster class)
5 class pass : $100
10 class pass :$200


Red Tent Womens Circle

The Red Tent is a space for women to come to relax, rejuvinate and connect with the local community each month near the New Moon. We regularly have crafting, sharing circles, feasting, activities/themes, meditations, ceremonies, movie nights, clothing swaps, and guest speakers.
There are wonderful women to meet, things to learn, yummy teas and plenty of comfy spaces to just kick back and relax in good company.
Visit www.redtentaustralia.com for more information on our global sisterhood.
Babes in arms are always welcome. Maidens (11-17 years) welcome for most Red Tent.
We welcome anyone who identifies as female.
Red Tent Womens Circle are run on a monthly basis, facilitated by Bree and Shaila.

Kirtan with Sound Samadhi

Join us for another blissful and healing evening of music, mantra, meditation, community and upliftment.

Sound Samadhi is comprised of a group of bhaktas dedicated to the path of the heart, bhakti yoga – this group includes everyone in our beautiful sangha/community who turns up to participate. Kirtan is the practice of transforming emotion through devotion, channelling our energy effortlessly upwards through mantra and sound, literally raising our vibration.


Kirtan is a sacred spiritual practice for the upliftment of everyone, regardless of caste, creed, worldly status or religious inclination. For this reason, the event is by donation, allowing everyone to contribute in alignment with their own unique circumstances


Sound Samadhi looks forward to sharing another blissful journey together into the Heart of yoga and sound…

WHEN: 6pm-830pm Last Saturday of every month

INVESTMENT: By donation – Community Class.

Just show up no booking necessary.

Sound Healing with KYC

Join the Kundalini Yoga Collective on the 3rd Friday of every month for an evening of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and sound healing. Experience your infinity and be immersed in the healing vibrations of the Venus Gong and the ancient medicine of the didgeridoo.

Sound has been utilised in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Whether through the use of mantras, indigenous medicine songs or ancient instruments these various techniques all have the same intention: to move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.

Sound helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state. The vibrations of the sounds synchronise our fluctuating brainwaves by providing a stable frequency which the brainwave can attune to. By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves and it then becomes possible to down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep; where internal healing can occur). When our brains are attuned to its higher frequencies we can go into a state of deep relaxation, restoring the body and promoting healing.

TIME: 7.00pm until 9.00pm  the 3rd Friday of the month

INVESTMENT: $25 Online or $30 on the door.

Reiki with Nina

Share Group

I am a Reiki teacher/master and have set up a monthly Reiki share group in Brookvale. Come and enjoy giving and receiving Reiki in an open and friendly environment. Each person will receive Reiki in a mini 15-20 minute session with at least 2 people working on them. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss your experiences or ask questions if you would like to.

The group is open to all level Reiki practitioners and also to those who would like to know more.

COST: $15

WHAT TO BRING: Some warm socks and an open heart. Filtered water and herbal teas provided.

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT REIKI read my blog post here

Level One Workshop

Have you always wanted to learn how to channel energy for healing not only for yourself but for others too? Reiki is a fantastic tool to enable you to channel the universal energy that is all around us. It works wonders for relieving stress, stored trauma, gaining insight into life’s path and connecting your body and mind. It is open to everyone and not linked to any religion.

During the workshop you will receive 3 attunements to the Reiki energy which will then enable you to give a full Reiki treatment. You will learn about; the history, uses, principles, hand positions for a full treatment and how to incorporate the chakras (energy centres) into your treatment also. There will be plenty of practice time too.

A comprehensive manual, certificate and follow up support for the following 3 weeks as one-on-one practice sessions is provided also.

Level Two Workshop

Would you like to deepen your connection with the Reiki energy? Have more tools to access to take your treatments to the next level?

Reiki Level Two is the next step on from Level One and introduces you to 3 symbols which will broaden your ability to channel and utilise the Reiki energy. It adds another dimension to both your self-healing treatments and those you give to others. With these symbols you will be able to increase and “lock in” the level of the energy, facilitate higher levels of emotional healing and give healing treatments over distance.

The workshop will focus on learning about the uses of the symbols, incorporating them into your treatments and daily life and delving deeper into your connection with the Reiki energy. You will receive 3 attunements and will have ample practice time.

Upon completion of the workshop you will receive a comprehensive manual, certificate and follow up support for the following 3 weeks in the form of one-on-one sessions.

Reiki Master Workshop

Are you a Level Two Reiki practitioner wanting to take your connection further for self development and to heighten your treatments? Do you feel the desire to be able to pass on this amazing form of energy healing? The Master/Teacher training workshop is the next step for you! It is run over 2 full days plus assisting me on one of my workshops to give you valuable experience. I have been practising and teaching the Usui System of Natural Healing for 17 years and it has enhanced my life no end. Over the two days you will learn symbols that will intensify your connection to the Reiki energy, meditation on the symbols, goal empowerment, advanced techniques to use on both yourself and your clients and how to run a successful Reiki workshop and give all levels of attunements. I also provide mentoring for the 3 weeks following the workshop. I am registered with IICT as an “Approved Training Provider”. The complete workshop plus mentoring is $575. ***the August Reiki Master Workshop is being held at Collaroy instead.

For future dates, times and costs of all Reiki workshops please click book now button below.

Soul Vibing – Full Moon Sessions with Matt

This full moon let’s get OUT OF CONTROL.

“The more you try to control something, the more it controls you.” -Leon Brown

When we surrender and let go we allow ourselves to align with the divine flow of life. A resource far greater than anything we can imagine.

Join us for this powerful journey out of our heads, out of our ego, out of our limits, out of our fears, and into the flow of all that is.

Using a conscious and active breathing process and LIVE healing sounds you are guided to release the mental chatter of your brain and relax into your body. From this opened awareness you will connect to your body’s natural healing ability. In this deep state of relaxation you will transcend the conscious mind and be guided by your therapist to release mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks, which inhibit you from reaching your full potential. During the breathing process essential oils, reiki and other energetic modalities may be used to help you move into a state of harmony.

These Workshops are held monthly around the fullmoon. Click the book now link to see the time and date of the next session.