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Fascia: Science of the Soul



This is a very grounded, practical inside tour of the inseparable links between body, mind and soul and the practical application of energy medicine. Based on a foundation of science and diving deep into the mechanics and ethereal workings of our vibrational world.

It’s not new knowledge, but it’s becoming more common place and accepted as scientists like Biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, are speaking openly and validating what our indigenous cultures and ancient healers have practiced for eons… that everything is energy.

We are vibrational beings who effect the field of energy around us as much as it effects us physically and emotionally. We are more powerful in our ability to self-heal and co-create our world than we have ever been allowed to believe.

We look forward to sharing with some more curious humans!!


Nada Yoga & Sound Healing Workshop



What is Nada Yoga?
Nada can be translated as sound, and Yoga as union. Nada Yoga generally works with vibration of mantras, gentle asana postures and music to generate a sense of calm consciousness.

In this workshop we will be exploring the fusion of sound with simple yet effective physical postures to create a conversation between the body and mind.

The latter part of the workshop will involved a sacred sound healing journey aimed to earth your nervous system. A unique blending of traditional and old medicine sounds.

A sound healing can be described as energy therapy, a field of vibrational medicine that effects the health of mind, body and spirit.

Come learn some new techniques to balance the body & Bask in the ethereal tones of the Clarinet.

Tickets $35: (available on the door but pre-bookings appreciated)

*Sacred Spanda has a pay-as-you-can policy, medicine should be shared for all who ask for it, please get in touch if experiencing financial difficulty ♥

Would love to see you there


Contact Improv Dance Class


So this is an open class with all welcome to attend, but is timed specifically for parents to attend with their children and I’m delighted that I’ll be sharing this wonderful dance form with you.

Contact Improv for adults often means remembering movements and emotional states associated with childhood- the intuitive and efficient movements as a baby first becomes mobile; the playfulness of attending to the current moment whilst disregarding the past or future and the readiness to share connection instantly with a new playmate.

For parents, I see this practice as a chance to rediscover and enhance the spirit of play within themselves and for children I hope it will mean they will maintain it as they age. This will broaden the physical language you have with your child, increasing a sense of self and personal confidence around the body and personal expression.

Safety and cooperation are the principles of this practice, with parents invited to work with me to structure a safe environment – likely meaning keeping dances in the physically safer areas of low to floor, grounded, and not too fast. As with any CI dance, dancers are always in charge of themselves, and are always free, encouraged and facilitated in having only the dance and connection they choose to have.

As an introduction, it is $15 to attend the class for adults, and free for your children.

Kirtan and Sound Samadhi

Join us for another blissful and healing evening of music, mantra, meditation, community and upliftment.

Sound Samadhi is comprised of a group of bhaktas dedicated to the path of the heart, bhakti yoga – this group includes everyone in our beautiful sangha/community who turns up to participate. Kirtan is the practice of transforming emotion through devotion, channelling our energy effortlessly upwards through mantra and sound, literally raising our vibration.


Kirtan is a sacred spiritual practice for the upliftment of everyone, regardless of caste, creed, worldly status or religious inclination. For this reason, the event is by donation, allowing everyone to contribute in alignment with their own unique circumstances


Sound Samadhi looks forward to sharing another blissful journey together into the Heart of yoga and sound…

WHERE: Be Still & Chill Brookvale
WHEN: 6pm-830pm Last Saturday of every month
INVESTMENT: By donation – Community Class
Just show up no booking necessary.

Sound Healing – KYC

Join the KYC Northern Beaches Community for their monthly evening of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and sound healing. Experience your infinity and be immersed in the healing vibrations of the Venus Gong and the ancient medicine of the didgeridoo.

Sound has been utilised in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Whether through the use of mantras, indigenous medicine songs or ancient instruments these various techniques all have the same intention: to move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.

Sound helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state. The vibrations of the sounds synchronise our fluctuating brainwaves by providing a stable frequency which the brainwave can attune to. By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves and it then becomes possible to down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep; where internal healing can occur). When our brains are attuned to its higher frequencies we can go into a state of deep relaxation, restoring the body and promoting healing.

TIME: 7.00pm until 9.00pm  the 3rd Friday of the month

INVESTMENT: $20 or $25 on the door

CONTACT: Kundalini Yoga Collective info@kundaliniyogacollective.org.au

Soul Vibing – Full Moon Sessions

This full moon let’s get OUT OF CONTROL.

“The more you try to control something, the more it controls you.” -Leon Brown

When we surrender and let go we allow ourselves to align with the divine flow of life. A resource far greater than anything we can imagine.

Join us for this powerful journey out of our heads, out of our ego, out of our limits, out of our fears, and into the flow of all that is.

Using a conscious and active breathing process and LIVE healing sounds you are guided to release the mental chatter of your brain and relax into your body. From this opened awareness you will connect to your body’s natural healing ability. In this deep state of relaxation you will transcend the conscious mind and be guided by your therapist to release mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks, which inhibit you from reaching your full potential. During the breathing process essential oils, reiki and other energetic modalities may be used to help you move into a state of harmony.

These Workshops are held monthly around the fullmoon. Click the book now link to see the time and date of the next session.

Red Tent Womens Circle

The Red Tent at Be Still and Chill is a space for women to come to relax, rejuvinate and connect with the local community each month near the New Moon. We regularly have crafting, sharing circles, feasting, activities/themes, meditations, ceremonies, movie nights, clothing swaps, and guest speakers.
There are wonderful women to meet, things to learn, yummy teas and plenty of comfy spaces to just kick back and relax in good company.
Visit www.redtentaustralia.com for more information on our global sisterhood.
Babes in arms are always welcome. Maidens (11-17 years) welcome for most Red Tent.
We welcome anyone who identifies as female.
For the date and time of the next Red Tent Womens Circle please click the Book now button.

Reiki with Nina

Share Group

I am a Reiki teacher/master and have set up a monthly Reiki share group in Brookvale. Come and enjoy giving and receiving Reiki in an open and friendly environment. Each person will receive Reiki in a mini 15-20 minute session with at least 2 people working on them. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss your experiences or ask questions if you would like to.

The group is open to all level Reiki practitioners and also to those who would like to know more.

COST: $10-15 donation would be appreciated to cover the running costs of the centre, the space provided and my time and knowledge that I am offering to you.

WHAT TO BRING: Some warm socks and an open heart. Filtered water and herbal teas provided.

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT REIKI read my blog post here

Level One Workshop

Have you always wanted to learn how to channel energy for healing not only for yourself but for others too? Reiki is a fantastic tool to enable you to channel the universal energy that is all around us. It works wonders for relieving stress, stored trauma, gaining insight into life’s path and connecting your body and mind. It is open to everyone and not linked to any religion.

During the workshop you will receive 3 attunements to the Reiki energy which will then enable you to give a full Reiki treatment. You will learn about; the history, uses, principles, hand positions for a full treatment and how to incorporate the chakras (energy centres) into your treatment also. There will be plenty of practice time too.

A comprehensive manual, certificate and follow up support for the following 3 weeks as one-on-one practice sessions is provided also.

Level Two Workshop

Would you like to deepen your connection with the Reiki energy? Have more tools to access to take your treatments to the next level?

Reiki Level Two is the next step on from Level One and introduces you to 3 symbols which will broaden your ability to channel and utilise the Reiki energy. It adds another dimension to both your self-healing treatments and those you give to others. With these symbols you will be able to increase and “lock in” the level of the energy, facilitate higher levels of emotional healing and give healing treatments over distance.
The workshop will focus on learning about the uses of the symbols, incorporating them into your treatments and daily life and delving deeper into your connection with the Reiki energy. You will receive 3 attunements and will have ample practice time.
Upon completion of the workshop you will receive a comprehensive manual, certificate and follow up support for the following 3 weeks in the form of one-on-one sessions.

For future dates, times and costs of Reiki Shares, Level 1 and Level 2 workshops please click book now button below