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Adam Baldwin


Hi. I’m Adam.
Together with Adele, we created SolReiki to help empower you to manage your own health and energy. We believe that everyone can live to their maximum potential. After an experience of Oneness in the foothills of Greece 20 years ago, I became a student of ancient teachings, practicing Buddhism and Kundalini meditation. I took this further by becoming a qualified teacher of Transcendental Meditation, a Reiki Master and a breathwork facilitator.

We are connected to Universal energy, which can help us balance and heal our mind, body and spirit. Reiki is a wonderful, gentle and non-intrusive healing art from Japan, and is a relaxing
experience. Through my intuitive connection to spirit, I create a calm, caring and easy environment for you to relax and heal. Reiki is a fast and effective method for you to improve your wellness in the modern world. As a Reiki Master, I can teach you to treat yourself with SolReiki’s empowering trainings.


  • Cert Reiki Master
  • Cert Trancendental Meditation
  • Cert Breathwork Facilitator
  • Cert Pranic Healing
  • Cert Access Consciousness
  • Cert Violet Flame



  • Thursday 10am – 2pm and 5pm-8pm


Contact: 0478 680 057

Be who your’re meant to be .