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Agnesa Simcic

Nutritionist ~ Yoga

Diet is one of the most powerful influences on health. For many people it’s also the most confusing. I love helping people cut through this confusion to establish simple, nourishing eating habits that sustain good health.

When diet is not optimal, it often shows in symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, allergies, digestive issues, mood disorders and in the long-term, chronic illness.

I take a holistic approach to these and other health concerns, assessing not only diet, but also lifestyle and environmental factors that may impact your health. I use evidence-based nutritional medicine – food, nutrients and supplements – to restore balance and function to your body, conscious of the importance of mind-body health in overall wellbeing.

From my early teens I struggled with diet and suffered IBS, migraine, sinus, hay fever and PMS.

At 25, I discovered a book that showed me how to change my diet, and slowly, my life began to change.

I changed those problems I had accepted as ‘normal’ by delving into food, yoga, nutrition and wellness in every way I could for the 10 years that followed.

Eventually I made it formal, by qualifying in Nutritional Medicine so I can share what I’ve learned and help others use food to make healthy their normal too.



  • ADV DIP of Nutritional Medicine
  • Cert Food Coach
  • Cert Yoga Instructor
  • Member of Yoga Australia
  • Member of ATMS


  • Tuesday 230pm-730pm


Call 0418 213 265




It’s a lofty aspiration, but my goal is to restore and promote health with simple real foods, for the health of ourselves, our families and future generations.