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Bree Calarco

Red Tent ~ Women's Circles

Sydney Northern Beaches Red Tent will be held at Be Still and Chill on the dark moon and full moon each month as a way of creating connection, community networks, support and sisterhood for local women.

The facilitator, Bree has been providing women's circles in Sydney for 3 years. She is passionate about women's menstrual health and rituals, and rites of passage for girls coming of age. She draws influence from an Earth-based spirituality and natural living practices which combine with her studies in Naturopathy.

Red Tent Australia is a not-profit organisation with the aim to connect, collaborate and create a community of strong and educated women in a supportive & nurturing environment. Red Tent Australia is not religious and we include anyone who identifies as female from 11 years+ from all walks of life. It is our hope for everyone who enters each Red Tent to experience a sense of belonging, sisterhood and strength that stays with them from then on.


  • Workshops dates based around the new and full moon see timetable

Contact: 0430 652 318

We women are determined to THRIVE.
Our lives, ways, and culture are of the utmost importance in our world because undeniably, women care about and care for everyone. When women thrive humanity thrives.