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Liesl Frank

Psychic Kinesiologist

I am committed to assisting you in aligning with your Life Purpose.
I use my psychic talents to “hear” what your Soul wants for you. And how your “subconscious
mind” is preventing that from occurring. I use my Kinesiology training to apply corrections to your
energetic field and occasionally you may receive an Angel Healing (if it is needed).
Kinesiology is a modality that allows us to find stresses within your body and energetic field on a
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Once we have identified the stresses, we apply
corrections (based on guidance from your body) to dissolve them.

I am committed to helping people release all blocks to their life. I work mainly in the emotional, mental and spiritual arenas. I help people:

Release Stress
Recovery from Anxiety and Depression
Identify and follow their Life Purpose
Believe in themselves
Improve their Self-Confidence / Self-Esteem
Heal relationship woundings so they are free to love again
With their Career progression


I also work with Children, helping them with
Anxiety (both separation and general anxiety)
Confidence issues
Anger issues
Recovering from Bullying & to Stop being a Bully.



  • Wednesday 10am-730pm

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Contact: 0419 271 394



  • Dip Kinesiology
  • Cert
  • Dip
  • Member of ICCM