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Our practitioners are here to help you relax, re-set, and rejuvenate your body and spirit.

We offer so many different Treatments at Be Still & Chill that you may find it hard to choose the perfect one for you.  There is no One-Size-Fits-All solution to your health and wellbeing.  We are here to help you find the treatments and practices that have you feeling and being your best.

Remedial Massage

Using natural oils, Remedial Massage is a firm massage treatment that helps remedy specific problem areas. Reducing pain, tension, stress. Increasing range of motion, energy levels and postural awareness. Improves sleep.

Sports Massage

Pre &/or post event massage to prevent, minimise or rehabilitate injuries. Increasing physical and mental performance. Speeds up recovery time. An Ice massage decreases inflammation, increasing ROM and flexibility. Deep Tissue massage loosens tight fatigued muscles and scarred tissue.

Lymphatic Drainage

A massage that boosts the immune system by removing waste built up in the body. Using techniques to move the fluid into the lymphatic nodes for the body to filtrate. Helps reduce fluid retention, swollen joints, inflammation and migraines. Boosts energy levels.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage will melt away your tension, warming your muscles, increasing circulation and releasing your knots quicker than a normal massage. Hot Stone Massage is extremely relaxing, you will float away after a session.

Treatments are either 90min or 2hrs. We can mix Remedial Massage, Deep tissue techniques or just keep it smooth & flowing with traditional Lomi Lomi Movements.

The best bit of HOT STONE MASSAGE is that DRUG FREE HIGH look on clients faces when they come out of a Massage session feeling so much better than when they walked in…. ahhhhhh bliss!


Health Fund Rebates available with these sessions.

Prices:         90mins $165             2hrs $195

Postnatal Recovery Massage

Postnatal Massage plays an important role in assisting with the Mother’s recovery both physically and emotionally during the postnatal period. Postnatal Remedial Massage can help correct postural dysfunction and related pain, sciatica, SIJ syndrome, Lumbago, and gentle scar work. While Postnatal Therapeutic massage can help minimise Baby Blues, aching, tense or sore muscles, fluid retention, tiredness, headaches and stress, promoting relaxation and self-esteem.

Prenatal Massage

A safe, natural and nurturing treatment that minimises stress on mother and baby, relieves muscle strains/cramps in legs, gluteals, lower back and neck, using oils that minimise stretch marks. Increases sleep and energy. You can choose between a side lying and/or semi-incline massage using pillows and towels to support your body and make your comfort a priority. Prenatal massage is safe throughout all trimesters for any healthy Mum to be with specialised Womens Health Massage Therapists such as ours -Michele and Elissa.

For any queries please contact Michele on 0403305424 or speak to your Doctor.

Home visit service is available as we recognise the difficulty of getting out and about when you are pregnant. We have highly qualified and experienced Female Prenatal Massage Therapists The Massage Therapist will bring all of the necessary equipment including towels, oils and massage table.


Using specific reflex points on the feet and hands to releive tension, pain and rebalance the entire body. a very rejuvination treatment.

Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage

These massage techniques are smooth and gentle, relieving you from aches and pain. You’ll feel happy and light after a treatment like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Yin Massage

FREE YOUR HIPS & ELIMINATE BACK PAIN with Yin Massage a 90 minute treatment incorporating Yin Yoga poses with deep tissue and relaxation massage techniques. A treatment that gives your entire body some love and attention. Your muscles, joints, ligaments, connective tissue AND bones!

Yin yoga is a deep and powerful style of yoga that focuses on creating space and freedom in our joints and lengthening our ligaments and connective tissue. Parts of our body that do SO much for us and hold us together yet are often neglected.

I have some really juicy poses that are great for loosening up your hips and spine!!! We hold the poses for 3-5 minutes, giving the ligaments and connective tissue plenty of time to release and melt. And the great thing about Yin Yoga is we relax into every pose, there is never any part of the body that has to work to keep you there. It’s all about relaxing and yielding, giving our joints time and ease for them to release and let go.

Once we’ve given your hips and spine some space and freedom with the Yin poses, it’s time to move to the massage table where we will ease your muscles and mind. I will use a combination of deep tissue and relaxation techniques depending on what your body is calling for on the day. 90 minutes of pure love, attention and freedom for your entire mind, body and soul!!

AND it doesn’t matter if you’ve not done any yoga before or if you think you’re not flexible enough. Yin Yoga is for everybody!! I will make sure you are always comfortable and supported.

90 minutes ~ $150

Nurture yourself and your body today and book in for a Yin Massage

Contact Elissa 0405 945 483 elissachandler@nurtureyourself.net


Using 100% pure essential oils that relax the body and calm the mind, renew and revitalise the spirit. Each oil contains different properties that affect the body and mind in differenet ways. Michele will help you pick a selection of oils that suit how you feel some will send you off to sleep, release muscle tension, energise you or clear your sinuses. There are many options, its a fun process.


Ear Candling

A natural thermotherapy for the head & ears. Ear candling is a gentle way to protect & cleanse the ears, it is excellent in treatment of the nose & throat congestion, sinusitis, headaches & migraines, TMJ pain, tinnitus, fungal infections and glue ear.